Stay Present // Stay Progressing

Dogged Sportswear was engineered to fulfill an essential piece missing for those who pursue. Our philosophy is inspired by those who grind regardless of circumstance due to their natural drive for infinite progress. 

Founded to promote optimal performance for those who freely seek to push beyond limitations for their own achievement, not for outside satisfaction. At Dogged we believe our sacrifices are what build us. 

Dog·ged is a limitless state of mind, where a person's grim persistence gives a sense of purpose to continue through the pain of struggle and growth - not just in fitness, but in life. This flow state is revealed when circumstances, good or bad, do not alter one's path to find happiness or success.

During high-intensity training, the brain releases hormones to energize the athlete's mental and physical state. It is in this event, that the past and future become irrelevant and all that's left is the present [revealing what matters most]. We view this laser-focus to surpass the present challenge as the Dogged Mentality to pursue, at all costs.